Did Ilhan Omar marry her brother?

Don’t let the current flap over Ilhan Omar being denied entrance into Israel bury the question of if Ilhan Omar married her brother.

If you are new to this story, catch up here https://alphanewsmn.com/david-steinberg-tying-up-loose-threads-in-the-curious-case/(opens in new tab)

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Nobody is saying that there was any actual consummation going on between them, but there sure seems to be a lot of shady sham arrangements that benefited his immigration status and her tax filings.

But I imagine none of this is really that unusual. I mean lots of people do get married a second time without divorcing their first husband, while living with both of them, and claiming different ones as a spouse on tax returns.

This whole thing reeks and needs the disinfectant of sunshine!



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