Fredo Cuomo is disowned by his own brother Andrew

When Chris Cuomo forever branded himself as Fredo, Godfather memes featuring Chris Cuomo as Fredo Corleone were cropping up like skeletons in the Clinton’s closet.

In my meme, not only did I put Chris Cuomo in the role of the disowned failed brother Fredo, but I put Chris’ real life brother, Andrew Cuomo the Governor of New York, in the role of Fredo’s brother Michael Corleone.  As far as I know this is the only clip that features Chris Fredo Cuomo being disowned by his own actual brother.

Perhaps it was too meta for some, and certainly many have no idea who Andrew Cuomo is, but I hope that somehow Fredo saw this clip and was stung just a bit harder than by the countless other memes of this scene.


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