Fredo Khalo

Here we see CNN actor Chris Cuomo melded with Frida Kahlo, the noted Mexican Communist artist.

Cuomo, in an incredible meltdown blowup (YouTube link) attempted to intimidate someone who called him “Fredo” but instead only succeeded in ensuring that his own nickname would forevermore be “Fredo”.

Naturally the initial memes that were spawned dealt with “Fredo” Cuomo being compared to Fredo Corleone¬†from the Godfather movies. Soon after this, Fredo Cuomo began to appear in memes for which “Fredo” was a near homophone or even a true minimal pair in relation to the subject in the new source image.

Fredo Khalo is even more appropriate when you consider that both individuals involved are/were communist propagandists.

Original Reddit link on r/the_Donald

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