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I am #HanAssholeSolo

This was first political meme I ever made. Without context there is nothing remarkable about it. But to understand where we are headed now in the trajectory of memes, its important to know the story that spawned this meme. So, if all of this is new to you, keep reading and learn how a single meme launched a thousand more.

On July 2nd, 2017  @realDonaldTrump tweeted out the legendary Trump/CNN wrestling gif below.

The meme Trump tweeted had been created by Reddit user u/HanAssholeSolo and posted a few days earlier in the r/the_Donald domreddit. After Trump tweeted it out, the mainstream news media spent the next few days aghast that the President would dare to make such a post. I viewed this all from the sidelines as I was just a lurker on the_Donald then, I had never made a post, never commented, and never gone beyond just browsing.

But on July 4th, CNN, in a hissy fit for the ages, broke the news that it had determined the identity of u/HanAssholeSolo and would publicly reveal who he was if CNN became dissatisfied with his behavior in the future.

By threatening to dox u/HanAssholeSolo CNN gave birth to the #CNNblackmail movement. As untold thousands rose up against CNN’s threat, I got off the bench, joined the_Donald, made my Spartacus meme using gifs.com, and posted it on The_Donald.

Today, the threat of doxing , and of shaming people for past social media posts, remains a tactic that “news” organizations employ when it serves their needs. But god forbid that their own reporters be subject to such scrutiny. As the New York Times has shown this week, posting questionable past tweets is a tactic to be vilified when it is used against the press.

In the face of the threats employed against those who meme today, and those who will meme tomorrow, we must remember the lesson of u/HanAssholeSolo. We are all memers and together we are unbeatable.

(For a good recap of the whole wrestling meme affair and the controversy that CNN created with its threats, check out http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2017/07/cnnblackmail-erupts-over-hanassholesolo-trump-wrestling-gif.html )


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