Pardon Roger Stone

Pardon Roger Stone- Sign the Petition

Roger Stone was found guilty in a Democrat-controlled kangaroo court.

The case against him should have been thrown out when Mueller’s Russia collusion witch-hunt flopped.

If Roger is sent to prison, I don’t expect him to be there long. President Trump will pardon him. He MUST pardon him. Trump needs to pardon Julian Assange, too. Both he and Roger Stone were conducting real journalism. They told the truth and both were found guilty by Deep State courts. Will the tyrants now be emboldened to inflict ‘law fare’ on more of their targets? Will they lock up Alex Jones for telling the truth? If so, then we will know for sure that we’re living in a new Soviet Union of sorts. The show trials won’t care about logic, evidence, and justice—only convictions. They are almost trying to goad us into a violent revolution.


—Ben Garrison