The New York Times is INFESTED with bedbugs

Bedbugs… Bedbugs Everywhere!

Just a few weeks after Chris Fredo Cuomo treated us to and epic meltdown on video, America got to see another meltdown play out in comparatively slow motion when New York Times Op Ed columnist Bret Stephens ended his Twitter career, and destroyed much of his credibility, over a bedbug joke.

News Broke yesterday that The New York Times’ news room had a bedbug problem. A big bedbug problem. You would even be correct to say that when it came to the matter of bedbugs, The New York Times was… wait for it..



Naturally the internet, being what it is, started to generate quite a few jokes about the situation, including this relatively innocuous one posted on Twitter by Dr. David Karpf, an Associate Professor at George Washington University.

The tweet above, which did not call out Bret Stephens via hashtag or handle, originally garnered only 9 likes and zero retweets. This makes Bret Stephens response to it all the more epic in the degree of the failure cascade that ensued.  Mr. Stephens took it upon himself to email Dr. Karpf in an attempt to intimidate and belittle him. Unlike Fredo Cuomo who reacted impulsively, Bret “Bretbug” Stephens had to actually find contact info, draft a letter, cc Dr. Karpf’s provost, etc. All of this must have taken some time so Bretbug doesn’t have the excuse of acting in the heat of the moment. He actually had to consider all these moves and purposely execute them.

To say that it didn’t go well is an understatement, as the only thing Bretbug actually executed was his Twitter account.

You can read all about the whole affair here:



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