The Silenced – A Time magazine cover I’d like to see

When Jeffrey Epstein was somehow able to “kill himself” in his cell he joined an ever growing club of noteworthy individuals that some have called the Clinton Body Count. This group of “silenced” individuals share two common traits.

  1. They all were known to have, or were reasonably suspected of having, knowledge that could potentially incriminate or otherwise besmirch the reputation of the Clintons.
  2. They all died before they could make that knowledge public in a court of law or other credible venue.

In a pattern that seems to have repeated itself an alarming number of times, the Clintons escaped further scrutiny when a key individual met an untimely demise. Arguably one of the most important prisoners in the entire Federal prison system, Jeffrey Epstein managed to off himself despite all the protections that were put in place to ensure his well-being. Or did he?

I still can’t think about Jeffrey Epstein’s magical suicide without getting just a bit irate. My personal position on the scope of the upcoming Epstein trial was that I wanted everyone associated with any wrongdoing to burn*. Regardless of political party, social stature, or any other qualifier, they all deserve to be fully exposed in a court of law and held accountable. I can only hope that ongoing suits against Epstein’s estate, and his former associates will bring the true magnitude of his perversions to light.

*In this context the word “burn” should not be construed to mean “set aflame” or any similar event.


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